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Wiring Home Made Pickups?


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the website that john fisher made about making your own pickups i thought was very clear except how to wire them to the pots, well what i mean is where do i put the wire on the pickup? and also wheres the best place to find copper coil not online, do harware stores have them? thanks

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Hi Huges...not sure what you're asking....

If you mean how to wire the pickups into your guitar...ie pot and switch schematics...check out this from the reference section here:

PG Pickup Links

well what i mean is where do i put the wire on the pickup?

If by this you mean how do you wire the ends of the coil wires to lead wires...

On a Fender style and many other pickups you install eyelets to which you solder the ends of the wire and the pickup wires. Or you can tie and solder short leads light insulated wire and protect these leads under the covering tape. To these you connect shielded cable. I would suggest separate leads plus the shielding. So for a single coil, two inner cores and the outer shielding or for a humbucker, 4 cores plus the shield. This gives maximum flexability for wiring phase or parrallel switching.

also wheres the best place to find copper coil

Do you mean copper foil? I don't know...I'd like to! I've never seen it in a hardware store :D

Or, did you mean the copper wire for winding the coil?


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Well I cant tell where on earth you are.

Down here in Australia I know a place but the wire for winding pickups is very specialized and it's not something even an electronics shop is likely to carry.

Likewise there are specialist magnet shops but finding them to the size and shape you want can be a problem. It all depends what it is you're trying to make also. If you are trying out a completely new design, you can design around the magnets that are locally available.

Typically the wire you need is 0.063mm which is as fine as a human hair...it seems even finer...and is very fragile. It is only really used for things like pickups so it's not something that is commonly available.

Errr...does this help any?


PS you may want to add your location to your profile :D

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Alright....now hopefully someone can help you with some ideas...

I'm thinking of coming back to a project I started a while back that might be of interest to you. A couple of years (2) I built this amazing pickup winder...well half built. The winding and counting bits all finished but I was also trying to make it auto transversing...that is it not only winds the coil but moves the wire from side to side.

Anyway, the thing's pretty cool, so with a little encouragement, I might go back to it. As it is it has two winding faces an electronic counter and a tachometer accurate to about 2,500 rpm!!! It's made from a small bench grinder but uses the motor from a sewing machine to run it.

good luck :D


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