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Rusty Pickups


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I've got a pretty bad case of rusty pickups. This is an old and shoddy guitar, and I'm not keen on replacing them. I'm wondering if there is any safe and proven way to clean them.

I've googled for a bit, and found a few posts mentioning using 'meradic acid', various rust removers for kitchen sinks, and other chemical compounds. Can anyone recommend a method?

Is there a physical way of removing the rust?

I actually mostly use the neck pickup, which is the most rusty. The three pickups on the guitar are identical... would I be best off just swapping the bridge pickup (least rusty) with the neck pickup?

I'm just after a second opinion really. Thanks for your time :D





Edit - apologies about the fuzzy images. I think the thumbnails are all you need really.

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Personaly, i dont think its worth the bother. If you were to clean the rust off, you would then have to do something to seal over the exposed metal or it would just rust again. My squier has more rust than the titanic at the moment, becasue ive been takin it to the beach :D I never noticed any change in the sound to be honest when it started rusting.

If your worried about asthetics or something though, you could swap them round, but factory errors in winding could mean that they arnt identical pickups, and it might not sound the same. its up to you really.

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oops..my bad..i thought you were talking about my ride. :D

actually i cleaned one up pretty well the other day with a dremmel tool and small round wire brush bit. wear eye protection! those things shed.

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