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Repairing My Trem Bridge

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Out of curiosity, I stripped my guitar down. I took the bridge apart to clean 20+ years worth of gunk out of it using metho as described in the tutorials section of this site. It's now nice and clean.

However, I'm curious to go a bit futher. It's fairly scratched, and enough of the black paint on it has come off to make it look a bit shoddy. I've read plenty of tutorials on finishing and refinishing guitar bodies, but nothing on bridges. I'd imagine I need to take it apart, strip the paint off it with some kind of chemical, respray it and gloss it and then put it back together. Is this right? What materials would I need? I can see problems with the coat of paint sticking things up a bit...

Also, the string saddles are really worn, to the point that they have fairly deep grooves in them which I am sure the strings are getting caught on. Is it possible to file these down or do they just need to be replaced?

I know that a better option would probably be just to replace the bridge or saddles, but I'm interested in how easily this kind of repair can be done and whether it's worth the bother.

Thanks :D

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