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:D peace to all

this is my first time painting a guitar, i got the idea a while ago, i didnt want to airbrush, so i thought of handpainting. so i went asking around, went to a spraying shop, and they said i could use water based colors, as in normal art painting, the kind used on papper, but warned me of using the color white, becoz when sprayed with laquer, it will kill the white color, since normal laquer, and the one available for free contains a kind of thinner. now that is the knowledge i have aquired so far. fill me in with what is true and what is not. did any1 try this before?? just let the ideas and opinions flow plz.

what ive done so far is: sent it to a guy who owns a furnisher's sprayer. he pealed the paint off somehow, and sprayed it with something called base or something, colored in black. now excuse me am lebanese and dont trully know the technical words u ppl r using.

thank u in advance

and peace out :D

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