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"blower" Switch


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Ok...actually this does relate to the sustainer implementation...for more info:

Sustainer Switching Question

But I might get a better response on a new topic.

I've heard this type of switch also called a "blower" switch. I think some Danelectro's feature it.

Basically I need to know how to simply bypass the selector and with a simple switch (preferably half of a DPDT as the other half is to be used to switch on the sustainer circuit) select the bridge pickup...bypassing any others that maybe selected.

Anyone got any ideas...the test guitar is a strat.


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This doesn't really answer your question but I'll see if I can draw something up later on.

also remember you can get 3pdt toggles.

edit : I just saw pekko's reply in the sustainer thread and that is exactly what i was thinking of, and you could probably use the 3pdt to switch on the tone control too.

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Thanks Mr Alex...I thought no one would even try but Pekko posted a great drawing so I've quoted it here for future reference in case anyone's searching for it in the future....

This should do the trick for switching power on and selecting bridge pickup with DPDT switch ("tone" side of pickup selector not shown):


This will not affect tone side, so active tone controls will be selected with pickup selector.

This is crucial for the implementation of the sustainer....but....if you ignore the sustainer power side....you could use a really simple single throw switch to get the same effect in any guitar.

That way you could switch instantly from wherever you've got your selector to your lead sound for instance. This would be of particular benifit if you've got a lot of controls and such. I've heard of them being used to effect a full output, completely bypassing the controls as well. With the DPDT set up you could also use this to turn on and select an active preamp for a lead sound with one switch...

Anyway...if anyone's considering such a feature...here it is

Thanks to Pekko....and to LK who told me quite a while back but I lost his email :D


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