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Bc Rich Dagger Body

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hey, i was considering making a semi hollow guitar similar to the Dagger. i was wondering if you could make the sides similiar to making an acoustic guitar sides by using a bender, adding braces and putting a top and back on? if so, please describe

thanks :D

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making it like an acoustic guitar by bending the sides is possible but the daggar has some sharp points on it, so you would have to make some mitred joints on the bent sides

the two easier methods are like this,

take a regular body blank, thickness it so it has room for a added top AND bottom, cut out the outline of your body with it, and take sections out where you want the body to be hollow, just leave a center channel in it for pickups and bridge etc


the other way which is pretty easy also, is you have a body blank and thickness it so it can have a added top, then just route out hollow cavities in it

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