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Gibson Es 135 Vs. 175

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I got a buy on a 1998 ES 135 but I don't know if I should just wait and get the new model or pick this one up. Not a real bargain but it is WAY cool. They put some blocking in the body to try to make it more "loud-friendly" but that really isn't how I play. Oh, I should have said this purchase will be for ME(YEAH,ME) and not one I would sell, unless it has issues I can't live with. I believe the new model is a 175 but that could be a few digits off. Archtop, f-hole, couple P-90s or sumpthin. If you know the real difference in playability, I would LOVE to hear it!!!! Thanks.

Edit, edit, edit!!! It is a 137! Sorry, memory is the first to......no, it is the second to......no it is the...ughhhh....what was the question again?

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I am going to bump this because I have about two hours before I need to drive up to deliver to this dealer's store. It is a 135 vs. 137 issue. I have never touched a 137 but I lust after the 135. Please answer post-haste or I shall surely waste most-needed funds in vain, or not.

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