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Need Advice On Clear

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Hello everyone

I Have a question. As some of you know I am the one who did the dime guitar. Not doing my research I mixed acrylic paint the nitro clear (deft). I have read in numerous posts that this is ill advised. I aslo e-mailed stew-mac and they confirmed saying I will have "adhesion issues". Now, as you all saw I went into this blindly and didn't have a single problem clear coating the dime. It came out excellent (more pics to come soon).

But I would like something harder, and who knows what the long term effects will be(cracking etc.) I am working on my dream guitar right now, I what to use red-blue mirage duplicolor which is acrylic based. I want this finish to last forever! Can I, should I use plyurethane? What is the difference between Minwax polyurethane and ploycrylic? Do the dry equally as hard? Is one duller than the other? What about the warning about "ambering qualities" to the clear coat? Do they buff equally well? Are there any other suggestions? Sorry for all the questions but I want to be as sure as possible

Thanks in advance guys,


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