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Broken Pickups Hurt My Head...


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Hey everybody... I'm building my first guitar, and it was all going pretty smooth until I bought some humbucking pickups, the bridge was fine, but the neck(used) had a broken wire/solder to the ground... and a few moments later from stupid accidents... etc... I got two bobbins with a lot of wire on them and some poles and a magnet... I don't want to get a pro to fix it because it'll probably cost as much as I bought these... I looked at a bunch of sites with tutorials on winding/rewinding/repairing/modding pickups but I haven't found a site that explained things clearly(I guess you could say I'm pretty slow at learning) So I was wondering if there was a diagram or something that shows what wire goes where and so on... But even than, one bobbin(with the adjustable poles) I can only see one free wire, and I cant quite find the other one... The other one looks pretty fine to me... So can I like cut a wire to make another end to join the two bobbins? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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