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Next up in my stream of "one question a day that I know I can't be the only one to have" we have this little gem.....

My main 6 string is an old RG750 which I got for cheap because, apparently, someone dragged it behind their ATV at a motorcross track. Well, that's not true, it just LOOKS like someone did that. When I got it I went thru four rags cleaning it it was so filthy. but, it sounds like heaven so what can you do?

Anyway, this guitar is saddled with incredible sounding (but horribly ugly) gray pickups and I want to refinish it (it's currently beat to hell white) but, of course, it's beat. It's beat as in it has two dings on the front of the body on the curve of the upper horn (on the top, maybe an inch back from the strap button). thses dings look like someone took a pen and pushed the casing into the basswood making a nice "w" shape.

The paint is still there.

I thought about using the soldering iron & wet rag trick to raise the wood, but the paint is still there and I don't think I'd actually get to the wood. I can't so much sand the paint away because of the size and shape of the dents would just leave me with an even bigger hole so.... I figure I need to just putty the nicks. But I'm not sure if wood putty can be applied over paint or not.


(My suggestion is watch the new Tom Jones, no relation, video "Tom Jones International" it's rockin'!)

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don't use wood putty at all. Just get a GOOD grade of Bondo, don't actually get bondo, there is a really good product called thin ice, it words amazingly well, and doesn't shrink like bondo does.

And I can just glop this on over the paint? Which is really my question, because I can't strip that area without using scary chemicals which are bad. So whatever it is has to be able to adhere to the finish.

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