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Tuning Problems

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Hey guys!

I'm having some real problems with my strat lately. Firstly, the bottom e string (i think to all the pros its called the high e string, the thin one) is impossible to get in tune.

When i tune it, it is in tune pretty much for the first 5 frets starting from the nut and working upwards. How can i fix that? If i tune the string a bit lower, then its in tune for the high frets, but not any around the nut or so anymore!

Also, if i can get this corrected, i was playing at a music store, and a guitar tech there was explaining how to get a guitar in perfect tune. It mainly revolved around the G and B string relation so that chords like this sounded nice:







So.......anyone able to explain in the basic idiot language how to fix my string problem and how to perfectly tune?

Thanks all!


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