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Making An Acoustic Electric

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do you have any idea of what type of pickup/s you want to put in it? what kind of sound are you looking for? are you going to do the work yourself or have someone do it? this is something i have a good bit of experience with so if you'll provide a little more info i'd be happy to try to help.

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if you're looking for a warm blues sound you might think about one of the dimarzio paf humbuckers. i've got a little higher output humbucker on an "old kraftsman" archtop that's set up high for slide and it's great sounding..more country twangy sounding than what you're looking for.

as far as cost goes it would be hard for me to say. techs charge different in different parts of the country but you're probably looking at no more than two and a half to three hours of labor plus the parts.

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