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Floyd Rose Or Steiny R-trem

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Im building an all black jem at the mo, What are peoples opinions on the steinberg R-Trem? Ive herd that they are very good, but that they are quite stiff and dont give as much pull up as a FR or Ibz edge e.t.c?

considering an R-trem is supposed to cost around $90 then it seems like a good deal?

thanks alot for any advice


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Unless you're going headless and need the tuners at the bridge, I'd say go with FR or edge. My R doesn't QUITE return to pitch like my edges. It also feels different. It has some nice features - the lock is cool, though it's a little cheezy. The spring adjustment is a nifty idea, too. But I think it's just made too cheaply to get the best from these ideas.

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