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Fretboard removal of a clissical guitar

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I want to remove the fretboard of my classical guitar.

But I have no idea about removing fretboards:

can someone help me?


ý saw a tutorial about removing fretboards but it is for electric guitars

can ý do the same for classical guitars


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Yes, it is the same method, but very carefully remove the tongue from the body first, you will need to cut the corners if there is a laquer finish or anything on the top, cut the perimeter of the fretboard. Then, I would not use any steam, in fact, I wouldn't use a household iron, I would buy a fretboard warmer to actually remove it. If you use steam, or an iron that overhangs the sides of the fretboard to far you run the risk of popping all the bracing loose on the top in that area. You can buy a fretboard blanket that will work better than an iron. but I would start with the tongue on the top.

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