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Stain, Tung Oil Finish


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Hi. I'm hoping to stain an alder wood body (this is a kit from Carvin) and then put a tung oil finish over it, but the issue here is that I've planned a custom pickguard for this (basically one without the "horn" shape sticking up), and the spots where I filled the pre-drilled holes with putty are a lighter color. I wasn't sure about how I was going to finish this thing (still not actually), so I didn't really get concerned about matching the colors. Any ideas on how to get the wood putty spots to blend in now? There's two tiny spots and then one maybe an eighth inch in diameter that wasn't a screw hole, don't know what it was for, but it needed to be filled.

The other thing is that I was also hoping to stain the headstock the same way, but it is maple, so I don't know if it will look right or not.

Never tung oiled or stained a thing in my life either, so assuming this is the way to go, any tips are appreciated (even though I have checked out the archive for stuff on the subject). Thanks.

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