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How To Add Side Dots Without Refinish ?

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So I am wondering if I can add side dots to my current guitar without refinishing the neck ? I was going to use the Stew Mac plastic side dot material, and I just want to add the side dots. Anybody have any ideas on this ?

It is a late 80s korean squier by the way.

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By far the easiest way is with the plastic dowelling. Mark and gently centerpunch your side dot positions, drill with the same size bit as the dowel. A drop of glue in the hole, push in the dowel then pull it back out juuuuust a tiny bit, cut flush, and push the dowel plug back in so its just a hair under the surface. That way you don't have to do any sanding that might mar the surrounding finish. Wipe the excess glue (CA = superglue) off leaving the recessed plug covered. Must be done fast, otherwise, a quick wipe with acetone / nail polish remover cleans any glue stuck on the surrounding surface.

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