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Using Shorter Neck Bolts?

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I prefer the feel and look of setnecks, but I like the flexibility of the bolt on design (for one thing it'll give me the option of replacing the neck I have with one I build for myself).

So I got to thinking...

Am I obliged to have that massive butt of wood where the neck meets the body?

I just measured the butt (is there a technical term for this?) on my strat-- it comes in at a whopping 3 cm!

On the other hand, my set neck Melody Maker has a modest 1 cm --and that joint has held for 40 years. And there's no tenon to speak of.

So can I have both? What I'd like to do is have a reduced butt --say 1.5 cm beneath the neck. And I'd recess the neck plate into the wood to boot (or even go with ferrules). And just use shorter screws.

Has anyone tried something like this-- or is there a current production guitar with this kind of feature? (I haven't looked at the AANJ guitars too much --seems to me they still have a large heel anyway?)

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