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Guitar building questions...

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Now this is a kinda of continue of my previous post and is only to clear some doubts that have been haunting my project. Let's beggin shall we:

1 - In the body, I've read that mohogany is a warm sounding wood. I believe this would be a good wood to base a metal guitar right? What does all those mapple tops and flame mapple tops you guys talk about change in the sound of the guitar ? Or is it just a looks?

2 - From what I've always heard EMG pickups have their own tone, wich can be a good thing, while DiMarzio and Seymour Duncan take much more from the wood quality (good wood - good sound). How far is this true?

3 - Fretboard woods (mapple, redwood, ebony)... what are the main differences between them ? (okay this is will be dumb) does it change the sound ?

4 - What else does change the overall tone of the guitar?

5 - How do you know the dimensions for the (I don't know the name in english) you know where the neck conects with the body? are they standard?

Thanx in advance, and sorry for my bad english

P.S: Sorry if I look like a pain in the ass kind of guy (I probably am) but you know I'm one of those curious, want to know it all...

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1) yes, mahogany is a pretty warm wood. I personally love its deep thick warm tone. maple tops add a high end shimmer, so you will have a beautifully three dimentional sound.

2) thats true with any pickup. just because a duncan JB sounds awesome in a les paul doesnt mean it will sound worth a damn in an RG. it may, but it may not. either way it will certainly sound different. although EMGs are battery powered, they still need a decent guitar body to sound decent.

3)maple is warm, rosewood is brighter, and ebony is brightest. but the tonal difference is so small it comes down to cosmetics and feel. I personally like the feel of ebony but the look of maple, depending on the guitar.

4)umm everything from the type of bridge to the type of strings you use.

5) depends on what neck you want on the guitar, almost ever make of guitar has a different neck pocket

I hope this helps!

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