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Les Paul Supreme

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hello everybody, this is my very first post so please forgive if i make a couple of mistakes on top of that i m spanish so my english is not the best,my question is ,how do install the electronics on a chambered guitar like a les paul supreme without F holes? i d appreciate any help thanks!

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Welcome to the forum :D

Depends a lot on the specifics of the guitar. On the LP Supreme, the internal channels are enlarged and the hole for the output jack is extra-large (and covered with a big plate).

They feed the wires for the switch and pickups through the top of the body and out through the jack hole, wire up and solder everything outside the guitar (including the volume & tone pots), then feed the pots in through the jack hole (while pulling on "fishing lines" in each of the 4 knob holes). I imagine they use mini-pots for the volume & tone, but I don't know for sure.

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