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Strat Pickguards

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Any of you guys know if there are major dimension differences between different strat-like guitars?

Thing is i have a Marlin strat with a 12hole SSS pickguard, i also have a Sunn mustang Strat with a 11hole HSS pickguard.

I am currently working on the Marlin but am finding it hard finding a 12 hole pickguard.

My question is: Can i buy any 11hole pickguard (as long as it is SSS) and just slap her on there, or will i be dismally disappointed to find that the dimensions are to cock and that it will look ****?

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Pics would help.

Since you have 2 strat-style guitars there, can you compare the pickguards side by side? Do they interchange (not counting the screw holes)?

There are as many different variations in strat-style pickguards as there are manufacturers. But as long as the basic shape is there and the pickups and controls fit in the cavities (and the cavities are covered) you should be fine.

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