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Could Someone Please Help Me Re-wire My Guitar


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I have a cheap Yamaha with a H-S-H, 1 vol, 1 tone combination. Originally I intended to replace the neck humbucker with a MightyMite humbucker that I had from another project and replace the original tone control with a push pull pot that I have so I could a single coil neck tone.

However, after completely confusing myself with diagrams from the internet that were hard to follow and so on I've ended up completely removing the wiring from the guitar.

What I really need is a diagram for wiring the guitar so that the neck can be coil split using the push/pull tone pot and putting back the rest of the wiring correctly.

The wires from the MightyMite humbucker are red, white, black and blue and the other slightly larger black wire :D (I'm pretty useless with wiring incase you hadn't gathered).

So if anyone could give me a clear diagram for wiring my guitar in the way mentioned above that would be a great help. I'd rather do it myself to save the money and learn for future.

Thanks. :D

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