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Which Switch?


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Don't want to bore you guys but, here's the next question:

Can I use a mini-switch as a pickup selector?

I have a dual-pole on-on switch here (hey, I have been researching this). It was originally used as a split-switch for a humbucker. Will it work as an intermediary pickup selector?

In other words, in a three-pickup guitar, I want to be able to chose between the neck and middle pickup before it reaches the (tele) switch, giving me the option of blending one or the other with the bridge pickup.

If it will work, can you point me to a diagram that will show what goes where?

If I have to, I can install a Gibson style switch, but I like the look of this mini

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It sounds like it should work, provided it is a two pole two position switch, with 6 lugs. If so, use one line of 3 lugs, and ignore the other. Your N and M pickup grounds go to ground (not through the switch), and one hot wire goes to each of the outer lugs of one half of the switch. The central pole lug goes onward to the tele selector switch.

It is beat if the switch nody is grounded, either to the screening or by a wire wrapped around the shaft to ground. This is not in the signal path, but I found it gets rid of noise when you touch it. (I have 5 mini toggles on one of my guitars, for on/off of each pup, phase and series/parallel)

This arrangement will let you pick one of N or M, but not both at once, unless you get hold of an on-on-on switch or Gibson switch


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