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Double Cutaway Design

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I know alot of designs a have been done to death. I'm a fan of the double cutaway body shape but I'm a big guy and everytime I see a Gibson, Ibanez or a Schecter they seem a little small for me. I'm looking for something alittle more dramatic. anyone seen anything like this? Anyone remember when Reb Beach from winger had his Ibanez's built without the offset cutaways? Thats maybe the direction I'm headed.

Any thoughts?

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Which 'double cutaway' body shape? The superstrat, or the LP Junior kinda deal? I'm going to assume the latter, in which case...scale it up a little! I make most of my electric bodies a little on the larger side, maybe 14" wide (although I've done bigger as well), and scale up appropriately. Feels good to me, and I chamber to keep the weight down.

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