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Flying Tele . . .

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I was listening to the band The Meat Purveyors today, and they do a cover of Ratt's "Round and Round"; as a sort of country-bluegrass thing. That and some of the cool tele's I've seen here and just having seen a local finger picker playing a tele and playing it beautifully, and I made this three-minute photoshop as a sort of lark:


Looks pretty bad, but I'm tempted to throw together a V with tele hardware now, just because I could . . . (w/o using the horn like in this pick, I don't think it works) I have a bad habit of thinking up awesomely stupid ideas and then following through on them . . .

Of course, it'd have to have three-barrel-saddles, unless I tried to throw a bigsby on it . . .

Nothing good could come of this.

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