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Bass Bridge Question

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you might call allparts down in houston. they show a four string in their catalog but not a six. 713-466-6414

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Fender's new "baritone" Jaguar , the sort of successor to the Fender Bass VI uses a standard guitar Tune-o-matic (well, it's probably one of Fender's "adjust-o-matic" bridges, which seem to be TOM's with the Fender fretboard radius) It's not tuned like a baritone, or like a six string bass, either, I suppose (don't those usually have a low B or something?) but like a guitar tuned down an octave. The neck scale is longer than a baritone and shorter than a bass (28"). So I imagine you could use a guitar bridge and change the string slotting. Although this woudn't help if you want the traditional 6-string bass setup with the standard bass string-to-string spacing and resulting extra-wide fretboard. Personally, I could never play one of those, and really liked the Fender's Jaguar Baritone Custom because of the string spacing, although I wouldn't mind a longer neck scale.

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