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Sustainer Idea


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You have seen the Sustainer Thread....

Sustainer Thread

You'll find some stuff on here and there's been plenty of other threads and passing comment elsewhere...consider the search function on it!!!!

Also, use the http:// to insert links...like so....

Ansils Sustainer Tutorial

Be aware that few if any besides Ansil have got it to work and even then it's perhaps not quite what you may expect of it...

Don't bother trying to read the whole of the sustainer thread, but there's plenty of stuff on all things sustain there including stuff from Ansil himself on this subject.

DIY Sustainer's are possible and not that much more difficult if you want to make the commitment...just join in on the sustainer ideas thing and I'm sure you'll get some replys...

cheers, and welcome aboard....psw... :D:D

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