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Help ! Need Tools

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Hey I was wondering if you guys could fill me in on how many tools and machines etc I will need to build a simple solidbody electric guitar (neck included), what they do and how much they are. Thanks allot.

1) Get a copy of Melvyn Hiscock's 'Make Your Own Electric Guitar'. This is your first tool.

2) Read it.

3) Read it again.

4) Read the various threads, pinned tutorials, etc. in the Tools Chat section, the Tools tutorials, the solidbody tutorials, solidbody chat, and THEN come back.

5) Read the tutorials on the projectguitar.com main website, lots there

6) Register at MIMF.com and read through the library.

Finding a pattern here?

Longer version: the tools you need depend on how you want to do any single thing. The one power tool I wouldn't be without is a router, I use a jigsaw for a lot of cutting, and a variety of other tools for any number of other tasks. Other tools I have and use often: angle grinder (carved tops), orbital sander, drill, drill press, spokeshave, various planes, various chisels, microplanes, rasps, handsaws, more roters...Read up on what you want to do, and then decide how you want to do it. Lots of posts/tutorials on here will help you see various ways of doing things.

My rule of thumb: Buy tools as you need them, not before you start. That way you're far less likely to end up with a big pile of fancy tools you'll never ever use.

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you can start by going to the tools and shop talk portion of this board. the very first pinned topic is about tools needed to build a guitar.

good luck.

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