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Bleached Walnut Burst


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I want to do a burst on a walnut and after seeing the following link:

bleaching walnut,

inspiration struck. Could I taper my bleach applications to make the Walnut progressively lighter into the center of the guitar? I'd really like to do this and add some yellow or amber dye to this. I'm thinking it could turn out pretty cool. What do you guys think?

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that's a really interesting idea..my first thought is to get a scrap of walnut and first apply the bleach over the whole scrap with a damp..not wet..sponge. then move inward for your second coat again using a damp sponge and so on. the bleach line between coatings wouldn't be a sharp line but i think that's what would make it interesting.

let us know how it works if you decide to try it.

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