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need some help before I go

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In about 20 days I will no longer have access to the internet in the same way I have now. More than likely I will have to stop visiting all these wonderful forums. But before I go I was hoping to get some help with the re-building of my first guitar.

1) does anyone have some good drawings of a strat body? I need to know the position of the trem rout.

2) need some drawings for a strat neck. just basic drawings so that I can get all the dimensions correct (it's a shame that there aren't any affordable necks with 21 jumbo frets and a 12" radius). so maybe the nut-to-heel length along with fullsize drawings of the headstock (large late 60´s/70´s headstock) and the heel. And if anyone has an YJM neck it would be nice if you could trace the contour and check the depth of the scallops for me.

It's really a shame that I destroyed it like I did. that trem-to-hardtail tutorial showed me how I could repair the damage though. maybe this site will prove more useful than I thought :D

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ok, 17 days to go...

just ordered the wood to repair the strat body (using the trem --> hardtail tutorial but re-routing the trem-cavity and whatever else disappears).

what do I need to know when routing for the trem? how do I know where to place the rout?

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