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Cheap Wood

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Not sure if this is the right place to post this - maybe a mod could move it if needed..

I've been getting some really cheap wood recently and I thought I'd let you all in on how.

The first bit of mahogany I got (2 pieces of 10"X2"X24") was 40p in the 'offcuts bin' at my local wood merchant (they make windows/doors etc p[lus sell wood and tools n stuff)

After this fantastic find,I made sure that I took my first guitar into them so they could see what I'd done with their wood. They were amazed and instantly set about saving bits of wood for me!

I just got enough maple for a bass and a guitar neck for £4, some Ash (2 pieces 3"X1"X24") for £3.50 and some more maple - TONS OF WIERD OFF CUTS for free - useful for covers/pickup rings etc.

So, find a local woodshop who actually makes stuff too - show them what you do and get friendly, you never know what they have lying in the bin waiting to be burned!

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