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Polyurethane Spray Cans?


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First off, I've searched... and searched, so please don't tell me to search no more! :D Anyway, I've been looking for black and clear polyurethane in spray cans but am having very little success. I'm refinishing an 89 RG that has some of the original poly finish on it. Some places, like where I cut the grip, and upgraded to an aanj, there is no base of polyurethane. But, I've been looking to see if I could find any high gloss black and clear polyurethane in spray cans because I'd prefer to use poly as here in Wisconsin it's started to get cold, and it's my understanding that polyurethane is more tolerant of colder weather than nitrocellulose laquer. Also I'm not digging the wait time on the nitro before I can finish it up and put it together. I have found some clear in cans, but I don't know for sure if it would be compatible with any blacks I may find. If anyone knows that they exist or where I could find them, that would help tons. And if there's anyone in the Milwaukee area that knows a store that carries it, that would help out a ton. Thanks alot.


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Did you search on "poly"? Poly Search

Search in Home Depot for Minwax Fast-dry Polyurethane in rattle cans...but check the labels, there's satin and there's gloss and the cans look almost identical. It goes on very thin, and you still need to wait a couple weeks before buffing out.

Only clear...no black. To use tinted poly you'd have to mix your own and shoot it using a proper gun.

If you've modded all the way down to the wood in some places, then you're probably looking at a complete refinish job to make it look good.

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