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Son Of A Gun! ::scream::

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After writing a book, I decided no one wanted to read four paragraphs.....

Here's the consice edition of my problem, which I couldn't find anything specifically related to using the search engine. Seriously.

Used Perfect Gule 3 (chart on back read it could bind plastic to wood, concrete to wood, and probably bowling balls to ceilings, I was convinced) it's a five-min epoxy, workable after about 30 mins, or so the operator at customer service told me.

Bound .070" ABS black plastic from StewMac to a very cleanly routed binding channel.

Used at least one roll of masking tape, pulled over edges AND across the body, ESPECIALLY around the cutaway area (It's a Les Paul copy, btw)

let it sit all taped up for close to four hours. I was confident it was glued in nice and tight, so I popped the tape off to check my work. Epoxy seemed cemented and hard. Took the guitar home, and in about a day, the epoxy has come to full density, and the binding came a BIT (just shy of a 32nd of an inch) out from the body near the neck pocket and in the middle of the cutaway.

So what's the fix for this? I'm considering epoxy to fill in the gaps, tinted/colored black? I mean, I'm 80% sure the binding won't pop off any more. And it's SUCH a small gap, too.

Or do I just jump back on stewmac, order some new binding, new glue, and just reroute? God, I do NOT want to do that 2nd option, if I can avoid it at all.

I'm sorry, if this has been asked, I used 'binding' as my search query, and no one seemed to have this problem.

thanks to anyone offering advice. I appreciate it.

EDIT: I checked out a couple pages about regluing and repairing binding at FRETS.COM......If those methods are the way to go, cool. But if anyone has any other info or whatnot, that woould be great too, thanks.

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If you can pull it in tight with some tape, drop some superglue in there and tape it up. If it won't budge... just fill the thing with some colored epoxy. Nobody will noticed.

Most likely that area just didn't get enough epoxy coverage.

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Thanks Black Mariah, I appreciate the reply.

Hopefully all can be mended.

Yeah, it won't budge, I took the edge of my razor on my Xacto knife and poed down in to see how deep the gaps were, fourtunately around the neck pocket, the optical illusion played by the shiny epoxy on some of the wood caused me to see a gap that really wasn't there, and the other gap is only about 1/4 of the way down the height of the binding, so we'll see how the mending process goes.

thanks again for the advice.

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