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Both Series & Parallel Pup Vol Control


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Ok, don't laugh at me now, I know pretty much nothing about electronics, but I was thinking about a way to mix the middle pup of my strat with the bridge & neck - not unlike the S-tastic mod at www.guitarnuts.com.

The idea is to use the neck tone pot as a master tone, and the third pot as a blend (?) for the middle pickup, so it can be mixed in at any volume...

...so far so good...

...but here comes the problem: Can the pot be a push-pull pot, pushed down fades the pup in parallel and pulled up fades it in series...

Please don't hit me - I'm just uneducated in the ways of wiring!

If this were to work, then the 5 way would function:

blend pot at '0' (M pup off):

1: N

2: N*B

3: N+B

4: -N*B

5: B


blend pot pushed down (normal) at '10' or lower:

1: N+M

2: (N*B)+M

3: N+B+M

4: (-N*B)+M

5: B+M


blend pot pulled up at '10' or lower:

1: N*M

2: N*B*M

3: (N+B)*M

4: -N(B*M)

5: B*M


Can it be done? Opinions anyone?

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I have another question; I've heard that a pup that gets blended in series reaches its top volume very fast, not smoothly fading in as blending it in parallel. Is there a way maybe with caps or resistors to 'spread out' the series vol increase, to match the parallel vol increase?

sorry for sounding lika retarded chimp

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As far as I know, that should work. I'm not sure on what you mean with the N8B and such though. Put it into words for me and I'll try and get you a wiring diagram drawn up.

EDIT: Oh, and about the addition of caps/resistors, a log pot would work better then a lin pot, but I dunno about adding resistors.

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1: N      :  neck alone

2: N+B  :  neck and bridge parallel

3: N*B  :  neck and bridge series

4: -N*B :  neck and bridge in series out of phase

5: B      :  bridge alone

turning the pot would add M pup to whatever the five way has selected, either in series or parallel

You can't do that without some switches. You might be able to do it with a superswitch, but I'm not too good on them.

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