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Shellac, Then Nitro?


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Several questions for "newbie" who thinks she died and went to Swirl Heaven! (Thanks for all the great info, already!)

1. I'm going to be swirl-painting a Squier Strat. I've sanded the old finish off, and the wood grain appears to be very smooth. Do I still need to use grain filler? (I can actually see parts that were filled at the factory.)

2. The plan is to use sanding sealer (could use a recommendation); then the B.I.N.'s shellac primer-sealer; painting a base coat of color; and dipping the body in a borax/water/swirled paint mixture.

3. The swirling process requires an oil-based paint. So, in order to use lacquer, I think I'd have to clear coat with shellac, first, correct?

4. Finally (optimistic, aren't I!), if I'm spraying outside, using a respirator, do I still need a spraying booth? After spraying, can I bring the body into the house for drying?

I'm open to any suggestions for better choices, methods, etc. (except for the spray booth part, which I really don't want to deal with).

Thanks in advance for your input.

P.S. I've really got "the bug" bad, and all I've done so far is put together a '62 Fender Strat Reissue from parts. But, it was so much fun, and I was so surprised that it worked and that I didn't electrocute myself when I plugged it in!

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1+2: Filler: depends. Does it look like it needs filling? If you sanded evenly, chances are a seal coat is all you need. Shellac is my sealer of choice, nothing fancy needed.

3: dunno, but shellac seal = good. Above all: test on scrap!

4: Spray outside with respirator (and long sleeves) = fine. Don't leave it to cure in a room you're staying in, preferably, since the off-gassing isn't terribly healthy.

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I did this on the Les Paul i did the same thing to.

1) sand everything down

2) coat with primer and scuff sand it so its level, then do another coat of primer

3) spray your base coat of paint on ( i used platicote flat black spraypaint)

4) do the swirl (i used plasticote flat black and blue)

5) clear coat with poly urethane. If you have a copmressor i dont know what to tell you as to what to use. I used minwax clear gloss polyurethane. I got this finish done for total (including 4 cans of poly) for around $40 at walmart.

AVOID GLOSS PAINTS.. they usually have a laquer in them that makes a film in the water. stick to flat colors, and dont worry.. the clear coat makes them glossy.

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