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Need Color Code For Lazor Stp


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Hi everyone

First timer on this forum. I recently aquired a bridge stacked HB for my Tele clone

that I assumed was a Harmonic Design STP. Big surprise ! - Its a STP alright - but turns out its made by Lasor ( I'm getting the feel I got screwed on this deal as I can't find much info on the manufacturer)

Anyone familiar with this pup ? Wiring code ? Any info/experience would be greatly appreciated as I plan to try this thing out with my Seth Lover

a 5 - way Superswitch and a P/P switch on the tone pot.

I know - I know - I can hear some of you already - A high output ( STP = 9.3 Coil

A /9.7 Coil B ) and a low output ( SL = 3.7 each coil ) might not work well in single

coil mixed modes.

I'll consider any wiring options/opinions ...ready for anything that comes and look forward to your help.


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