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Everyone With A Tele

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Gentlemen im going to have to get some dimensions from you guys.

Please tell me the 24th fret harmonic (dead smack dab middle of the neck pickup) distance from the very end of the neck. Very end!

Another measurement.

The bridge pickup (dead center) to the very end of the neck.

Thanks guys, these measurements are for my tele project.

I will keep you all posted on progress.

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I think you want to measure these things from the nut.

The neck pickup is supposed to be at the 24th fret position (19.125" from the nut, according to Stew Mac).

And the tele's bridge pickup is in the bridge plate, so its position is governed by the scale length, i.e., the proper placement of the saddles. (And if you don't have the bridge plate, then it's just not a tele no more, uh uh).

But anyway, I think it's the same as on a strat --on mine, the center of the pole of the high e string on the bridge pickup is 42-43 mm from the saddle , the low e is at 53 mm from the saddle (don't have an inches ruler handy sorry)

I may be wrong, I'm sure one of the dedicated tele builders here will set me straight if I am :D

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