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Wait For Color Coat To Dry


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I just sprayed the color coat on my guitar...still wearing my respirator!

I'm wondering --how long should I wait for that to dry before starting the clear coats?

I'm using rattlecan acrylics --the can says to do additional coats within half an hour, but I'm only doing one coat of color.

If I waited an hour or so, would that be too short?

It's great weather for spraying today, not too cold, not too hot...my cans have been inside all day too, they're nice n' warm...the color flowed out really nicely.

(EDIT: Well, I went to look at my handiwork...the color brought out a section of the sealer that I hadn't sanded properly...there's a nice big patch of drip on the front --not the color, it's definitely the sanding sealer underneath...don't see how I could have missed this...I mean, I really inspected the thing, held it up to the light, looked at it from all kinds of angles...and I swear it looked okay...so anyway, I'll have to sand this part back and repaint it tomorrow...if I'm lucky, I'll only have to sand this area, not the whole front...oof!)

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