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4p6t Rotary For Pickup Selector?


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I've got a Memphis LP copy that I'm hoping to modify big-time. I have two GFS "Crunchy PAF" humbuckers (4-wire) for it. Also just acquired a six-way rotary switch that I'd like to replace the stock three-way toggle with. (The pups will each have their own switches for series HB/parallel HB/shunt.)

I've seen a bunch of 5-way diagrams on the 'Net, but instead of the "PRS-type" possibilities, I'm looking for:

* Neck

* Neck + Bridge, series, in-phase

* Neck + Bridge, parallel, in-phase

* N+B, series, out-of-phase

* N+B, parallel, out-of-phase

* Bridge

I don't need anything to switch between north or south coil on a shunted pickup, or put an individual pup out-of-phase with itself, so I'll probably use DPDT on/on/on mini-toggles for the pups. (I have other plans for the DPDT push/pull pots that are going into it.)

I know this has been done at least once before. I've seen a schematic on the "old" GuitarNuts Forum (Google had it cached), but can't seem to find a wiring diagram anywhere. Schematics are okay, but I really like a good "road map" diagram when I can get one. :D

After seeing some of the images (cool diagrams) in other threads, I just had to ask if anyone here has something drawn up or would be wiling to make a GIF or two that would end my search.

BTW, I've been told that the GFS color scheme and north/south arrangement are the same as Seymour Duncans, and one table I found (at HAS Sound's site) bears this out. The Crunchy PAF Zebra neck and bridge pair are set up so their north ("slug") sides face each other when they're installed.

Thanks for any help.


Doug C.

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I think guitar electronics.com has what you are looking for.

I made about 4-5 of these and it a time consuming mess... The sound is not all that great and there are only 2-3 sounds that really stand out. out of phase, regular, and parallel eveything else kinda sounds the same.

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I think guitar electronics.com has what you are looking for.

No, theirs were among the ones I found on the 'Net, and they just have two versions of the "PRS-style," with the 5-way rotary and both inner coils or both outer coils among the choices. I doubt there'd be a big difference in sound with those two, so those aren't on my list.

DiMarzio, Duncan, and Deaf Eddie all have diagrams that are close, but not what I need to get through the project in a logical order that even I can't mess up.

I'm now giving some serious thought to just sticking with the plain old three-way pickup selector, and DPDT on/on/on mini-toggles for each pup.

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