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Novice In Need Of Help


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Hey i'm a novice player whats never had to mess around with wiring before except one case which saw me installing an input jack, but I just bought a Hot Rails pickup (a Humbucker that fits in a single slot). I'm not sure how to wire it :D any help would be appreciated.

By the way I own a strat if that helps with layout.

Go to guitarnuts.com or similar, read the tutorials in various places, look at the diagrams on Seymour Duncan's website, and go for it. There's nothing mystical or particularly difficult about this.

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That's a really easy replacement- Solder the white and red wires together and tape them so they will not touch anything- Now to the other 2 wires-

Look at the wires on the pup you are replacing- The only thing that can be slightly confusing is the color of the ground vs the hot- SD pups are black hot and green ground- One of the wires on the pup you are replacing probably comes from the switch- That shoudl be the hot so solder the hotrails black in place of that wire and the green whereever the other wire was-

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