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I'm finishing up the work on my guitar, and I've become stuck with regards to the bridge. The guitar is a 1972 Hagstrom HIIN, that needed, pretty much, a complete overhaul.

I bought this bridge


and it won't fit. I was suggested this bridge by quite a few people, including people at a guitar store. The problem is that the posts are to narrow and too long to fit the existing inserts in the hagstrom. I was looking at some conversion posts, but was not sure if they would work, as I am unaware of their sizing.

Any suggestions?


Paul Healey

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The Hagstrom requires a 6mm fine thread to fit in the bushing. I'm assuming that your original bridge and posts are long gone. Those people may have only considered post and string spacing for your guitar but not the mounting aspects.

So you have 2 options. Look for the proper thread size for the posts, they should work with the new bridge. The second one involves making the complete new bridge fit. That means pulling the old bushings and plugging the holes, then redrill for new post size, refinish that area.

I'm not sure if the Hagstrom dimensions are oddballs or what, but being made in Sweden, we can assume they are all metric. I happen to have a 67 hagstrom III, functional and complete. :D

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