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Ibanez Jem 7v Wh Neck

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So, you bought the "NEW larruping fair-sounding WHITE electric guitar," eh? :D

A used Jem neck (if you can find one) will probably cost more than the whole guitar. And there's no guarantee it will fit anyway.

If just the inlays are messed up, you can get a new replacement fretboard and inlays from ebay seller aiguitars. There's a tutorial on the main site on removing/replacing a fretboard, doing inlays, etc.

Just out of curiosity, how about some pics? :D

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How do you put a pic into the forum? tell me and ill gladly put a few up. my girlfriend got it for me for christmas, and she was heartbroken to find out. im going to turn it into a jem one piece at a time. ive already ordered DiMarzio Evolution pickups. and a new tremolo, because the one on this bootleg jem says liscenced bu floyd rdse pats.

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