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How To Drill The Hole For Sperzel's

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do you know for a fact that the sperzels need smaller holes than what's already there? if you don't just wait til they arrive...could slip right in or you may nead to ream the existing holes to a larger size.

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I've just installed some Sperzels (5L and 5R from two mirrored 6-in-a-line sets) and their drill recommendations (10mm and 2.7mm) are generous. I did use 10mm for the posts, but will use a hair thinner next time. Used 2.5mm for the pin which gave a snug fit.

Note that if using 6-in-a-line, for the shorter (further from nut) posts StewMacs recommendations, the smaller figure (9/16ths?) for headstock thickness is only just thin enough for the string hole to clear the nut and washer.



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