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Need Help With Wiring...


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Hello! I recently bought new pickups and electronics for my guitar and desperately need help wiring them. The pickups - SD Custom 7 & SD Jazz SH-2n 7. I plan on having a killswitch instead of the volume knob, a tone knob and coil-tapping both pickups via the 5-way switch. The Seymour Duncan website provides a schematic for a 2 hum, 1 vol, 1 tone& 5-way/Split configuration. So my question is since that config is exactly wat i'm looking for except for the vol knob, do i just replace the vol knob with a killswitch or wld be the wiring be different in tht case? Also, is a DPDT On/On switch fine as a killswitch? Lastly, the 5-way switch i have has the 4th and 5th lug attached together already, so shld i ignore that and go ahead with the wiring according to the SD website or does it make a huge difference?

Any help greatly appreciated!! :D


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