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Compound Radius And Fretting..?

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G'day all.

I'm starting my first project pretty soon, and I've found what I've been after in old threads on here thus far (thanks alot), but I've got a question about compound radius fretboards.

So I bought a pre-slotted compoud radius board off stewmac, so what radius do the frets have to be bent to before I install them?

Or are there any pre-rediused frets that I can use?

And when cutting it to size, will I just find center, then cut the same amount of each side?

One more thing, will I have to do any radius sanding, or anything like that before I install frets?

Thanks alot, and I look forward to being an active member on the forum.



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You don't need to bend to any pre-determined radius; just make sure they're a bit overbent, so the ends will stay down. Eyeball it.

If you need to level the board (check that it's flat with a straightedge), either use a long, flat sanding board, or a series of radius blocks. I vote for long flat thing (string path below each string should be flat).

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