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Changing Gutiar Neck.


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Im considering change the neck on my Yamaha RGX 121 (22 frets) to a Vintage 24 fret neck. The frets seem to match up pretty well all the way down the fretboard. Im worried though, because it has two extra frets, will this cause any problems with my intonation and general playabilty of the guitar. I can adjust the intonation if there is only a minor difference. Any advice would be helpful. I also have a Jackson style 22 fret neck, I was considering using, though the frets are more out than the Vintage, so im guessing that one probably wont work.

My appologies if this is answered elsewere, but I couldnt find anything.

Cheers in advance.

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Well, to make sure that the necks are the same scale, simply measure the distance between the nut and 12th fret. And if you take that x2, you have your actual scale length...

As for replacing a 22 fret neck with a 24, you have to make sure that it falls in the same place as the old neck. In other words, if the old neck joins the body at the 16th fret, your new neck needs to do the same. Of course, this raises the question "where do the 2 new frets go?".

If you have a neck pu, it may be in the way of the neck...

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