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Desecrating Old Speaker Cab, Need Help


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ok. So.. I recently aquired a 1966 Vox Super Beatle cab, which is a 4x12 and two horns.. there are 2 8 Ohm greenbacks and a 15 Ohm horn that are actually in the cabinet... but its all coming out..

not sure what speaker I wanna put in yet.. i'm running a Laney VH100R head.. 100 watt all tube.. was thinking about vintage 30's but i want something a bit more scooped.. maybe eminence or something.. I'll shop around.. BUT... thats not my question...

my question is in Wiring.. the cab is mostly gunna be used for recording, and I want to put new horns in it.. now with 4 8 Ohm speakers and 2 15 Ohm horns... how would I go about wiring it for 8 ohms? doesn't really sound possible to me... dont know a whole lot about wiring cabs... but.. thats the strandard configuration that the cab came in... so it has to work somehow...

4 x 8 ohms, 2 x 15 Ohms.. how to wire?

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