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My Strat Mod


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its a realy cheapo mod, made it on my Squier Bullet to make it more verstile. all it takes is wires, a DPDT, iron and time.

sorry for the mess of it, but i guess you can dig it out.

what it does:

first pot - volume

second pot - bridge pup blend pot

third pot - overall tone

switch - humbucker mock

its my first mod and gut-killing of a guitar, and it went pretty well.

very pleased with the results, specially with the hum and the blend.

just one note, when the DPDT is on, the middle section of the 5 way selector is off.


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looks like a good idea but what exactely does the switch do ?

couldnt this be acheived by wiring the middle in reverse to the 5way (pos to neg/neg to pos) or even by wiring the middle to the 5way with the switch inline to knock it out of phase




another thing i just noticed is the tip(hot) of the output jack grounded ? or is that just on the picture ?

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