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Refinishin My Ibanez...

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okay! so im redoing an old ibanez i got my hands on that i really like, except theres some electronic issues and some cosmetic issues too. there are a couple good sized chips in the side and some small, random cracks and holes near the tone and volume. i was going to use the chemical stripping techniqe in the tutorial section, but what i didnt know is if this chip in the side( about the size of a half dollar) could be filled with wood filler, or if theres something eelse i need to do.

the other thing id like to do with it( sort of ambitious, but thats what i like) is paint it white, then in light blue, paint my favorite lyrics on the front so from far away, its sort of a mix of white and blue. its sort of sentimental, so id like to have it done well. my handwriting is far less than perfect and im sure painting lyrics will be much harder. i dont think i want to have it done professionally because i dont exactly have money flyin outta my butt. any suggestions would be appreciated. thanks!

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hey well i'm no expert, i'm getting ready to refinish an ibanez as well. I don't know what advice to give you on the chip... however, for your other problem i can offer what little i know.

maybe the technique on the main site for adding your own headstock logo could help you. you could print out one or two sheets of what you're looking for on the transparency paper, shape them the right way, and spray mount them to the guitar. then you would just need to clear coat over, in my understanding. the only thing that might be difficult is concealing the line where the pieces of transparency paper would merge together. no one's answered my post yet on whether or not they think this method would work for the body. but you wouldn't have to worry about edges except the joins if it was the same size and shape as the top of the guitar.

another idea would be to again, use the computer and print out your text, and then cut it out, leaving you with a stencil to apply it. i stencil a lot with spraypaint but as long as you can keep the stencil down while you do it, you should be able to run something like a spongebrush over it, or dab the paint on. from what i've read on the forum, when you do detailing like that, make sure your paints are compatible with each other and your clear coat.

i hope this helps some, if not, just tell me, i'll leave you be... lol... good luck, and i hope you have some fun with your project. take care! :D

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okay i think i found the tutorial you told me about...it seems like theres wayyy way way too many ways i could seriously screw something up, and i dont think it will work if im guna just try to do line after line after line. and i tried like a line of cutting out the letters, and i had to make the font/size so big, it sort of defeated the purpose. i dont want the letters to be 12 pt, but i dont want like, 30, either. i was wondering if theres a way to type something up, and send it somewhere to be cut out, or...something? maybe theres an easier way, i just dont know...

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hm i dunno dude, sorry i'm not much help... someone did mention, however, in a post i put up, about decal paper that looks like it's worth a try

Im more partial to decal printing. You can get decal paper from hobby shops. Once its prined on the paper you have to seal it with a sealer. The end product is exactly the same as the decals that come with plastic models.

The bonus of this paper is it conforms to curves better than the transparency film and it is very thin (thinner than a cigarette paper) so your clear will need very minimal leveling before buffing.

i wish you the best of luck, i apologize for not being more help..

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