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Material Finish On A Laminate Body


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I'm a new member, and messing around with my sons laminate guitar body. We've sanded it clean, and are about to attach the cloth material. I was reading on the main project guitar site, and it says to use a sandable wood filler? Is that supposed to be spread onto the material or just the sides? I was also looking for a brand that someone could recommend to help save some time trying to find it. Thanks


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after you glue your material down and it has dried properly you apply the sanding sealer to the entire body..sides, top and bottom. i've done a couple of them and used a brushable lacquer sanding sealer..seems like i used the minwax product. it will take several coats with sanding in between to get a good smooth surface to apply your clear coat to.

here's the first one that i did.


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Thanks for the reply. Beautiful guitar too, btw. Is the laquer sanding sealer something I can get at Home Depot? :D

thanks for the compliment and yes, you can get sanding sealer at home depot or almost any paint or hardware store. let us know how your project turns out and good luck with it.

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