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Help With Shielding My Guitar


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Hiya - I tried shielding my fender yngwie malmsteen signature strat as per the instructions at guitarnuts.com. The only problem is that after wire everything to spec, it is still not grounded! I am in the process of troubleshooting.

One possible problem may be that my 5 way pickup selector is wired slightly differently than the schematic on guitarnuts. I wired the Stew Mac selector by following the instructions that came with it. I believe it is working correctly, but I was wondering if you all think that this would be a problem? Sorry I am very new to this so forgive my newbiness. Here is a quick drawing I made of how my selector is wired:


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Well, I didn't know about the stew-mac 5-way, but I do know that the stew-mac 3-way has the common terminals opposite of CRL or OAK switches. If your switching seems to be working, then the only way that would be so would be that opposite corner common terminal thingie also applies to the 5-way.

Why do you say your shielding ain't grounded? What leads you to that conclusion?

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